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within the nature reserve

The Stångehuvud area was designated as a nature reserve by the County Administration of Gothenburg and Bohuslän on 22nd March 22, 1982. Some adjustments to the boundaries of the reserve and to the regulations relating to it were made on 28th March 1983, after a decision by the government.

The area has significant landscape and social values. Rock formations with Bohus granite and traces of inland ice are especially interesting.
The area has several paths which are marked with white lines in the mountains (see map). Some paths may be more difficult to negotiate because of the steep or uneven terrain. In several places accessibility has been facilitated with stairs and railings in the mountains .
For disabled persons or wheelchair users the broad and relatively smooth path between
Pinnevik and Munkeviks Mule (see map) is recommended. The paved path from Pinnevik to the boathouses and boat piers at Stångholmesund is also a good alternative.

Since June 2010 there has also been a paved trail in the northern part of the Stångehuvud area, from the parking lot above Rinkenäs up to a viewpoint near Galleberget. The paved trail is a wedding gift from the municipality of Lysekil to Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel. The path is called the "Victoria Trail", in Swedish Victoriastigen. At the top of Victoriastigen there is a panorama board with a beautiful view over the archipelago. The path continues for  some distance with lovely views on the western side of Galleberget.

Several fine viewpoints are accessible in the Stångehuvud area. Some examples are the
"The cave of the Winds", Vindarnas grotta, (which despite its name, is not actually a cave), and Valhall, as well as the area next to the lighthouse.

In the surroundings of Galleberget there are some very clear traces of the extensive quarrying and stone processing that has occurred in this part of Stångehuvud.

Rules in the nature reserve
In the Stångehuvud area visitors are able to wander around at their leisure and experience the genuine granite landscape with the surrounding ocean and the archipelago. In order to make the nature reserve at Stångehuvud a pleasant experience even in the future, and for all visitors to get as much as possible out of their stay here, please note that in the nature reserve (for the Reserve boundaries see
map ) it is not permitted to:


• drive motor vehicles
• put up tents or caravans
• bring a dog that is not on a lead
• make a fire other than in the designated locations
• pick or dig up plants
• scratch the stone surfaces or move or carry away any stones.

Land manager is the municipality of Lysekil, phone 0523-613 000 and the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, phone 08-6739500.